I can’t look at a number without trying to contextualize it. Today I got a new home router that can handle our 10 gigabit Internet connection. My first connection to another computer was a 300 baud modem plugged into my little Commodore 64. This new link is about 33 million times faster.

Wait, isn’t a year about 30 megaseconds? Indeed. That means I can now download more data in 1 second than I use to be able to in a year.

I wonder if I’ll have a 300 petabit home connection some day.

I walked out of the little restaurant in time to see my kid standing at a bus stop awaiting a ride. I walked up behind them:

“Want an empanada?”

“Where did you come from? Really? What kind?”

“Chicken or mushroom.”


They reached into the bag and plucked out a steaming hot treat. I walked off without saying another word. I bet the other riders at the stop had so many questions.

Slack said they’ll start deleting old data from free workspaces. While I understand why people are frustrated, you can’t trust your data to someone else’s server. If it’s important to you, keep a copy somewhere under your control.

It might be inconvenient to self-host something like Mattermost, but perhaps not as much as having a company delete all your data.

Polyfill supply chain attack hits 100K+ sites:

The polyfill.js is a popular open source library to support older browsers. 100K+ sites embed it using the cdn.polyfill.io domain. Notable users are JSTOR, Intuit and World Economic Forum. However, in February this year, a Chinese company bought the domain and the Github account. Since then, this domain was caught injecting malware on mobile devices via any site that embeds cdn.polyfill.io.

This is fine.

The pattern matching on this shirt pocket makes me smile every time I see it.

A photo of a shirt pocket. The cloth is white with a grid of small blue and yellow lines. The pocket is so aligned with the shirt that it’s nearly invisible, except that a large coin is sticking out the top to highlight where pocket ends and shirt begins. Someone was paying attention at that factory.

Currently reading: Norse Mythology: The Illustrated Edition by Neil Gaiman 📚

Picked this up for some spa reading.

I’ll be seeing this in my nightmares tonight.

A store window is full of porcelain baby dolls sitting on cotton clouds. Many are dressed as angels. Their eyes look haunted. They can see you.


A sandy stretch of beach in Pacific Grove, CA. In the foreground someone is blowing enormous bubbles, like several feet across, with a bucket of soap and a loop of rope. The giant bubbles are shimmery and reflective.

Crab cake Benedict, Red House Cafe, Pacific Grove, California.

A plate of poached eggs Benedict over a croissant, and rosemary roasted potatoes.

I just got the happy news that a Firewalla Gold Pro 10Gbps firewall is on its way soon. Today we’re limited to 2.5Gbps Internet connections because that’s what the current Firewalla Gold supports. Of course, now I also have to upgrade our other switches to match it.

This is shaping up to be an early Christmas.

Never doubt that Apple is the master of packaging. My replacement credit card came in the mail today in this unnecessarily beautiful wrapper.

A slightly off-white heavy stock envelope with rounded corners and an embossed Apple logo.

The envelope itself has an NFC chip. You touch your phone to it to activate the card inside.

A rainbow-colored cardboard sleeve with a titanium credit card nestled inside a perfectly-sized cutout.

For Science™ I read the NFC with my Flipper Zero. It didn’t seem to contain any personal information. My guess is it’s a code that the phone interprets as “open the Wallet app and activate that credit card we told you was on the way”.

Oakland Mayor Sheng Thao's home raided by FBI agents - CBS San Francisco

Oakland Mayor Sheng Thao’s home raided by FBI agents - CBS San Francisco:

In an emailed statement to CBS News Bay Area, the FBI said, “The FBI is conducting court authorized law enforcement activity on Maiden Lane. We are unable to provide additional information at this time.”

Election officials just announced that Thao’s recall election petitions met the criteria to be put to ballot. This hasn’t been a pleasant week for her.

EU today decided to postpone a vote of their ridiculous “Chat Control” anti-privacy law. That a government would even consider it is a reminder of the critical importance of distributed, federated systems. A website operated out of Brazil isn’t subject to EU law. A Mastodon server in France can ignore bad US laws. A private mailserver in California doesn’t care about China’s laws.

Huge companies like Meta and Google with international business presences have to follow dumb regulations from around the whole world. You and I do not. This is our strength.

Currently reading: My Struggle: Book 2 by Karl Ove Knausgaard

Many thanks to Jim for nudging me toward Book 1 way back when. It captured me. 📚

The moon over Northern California.

A dark wood pergola in a back yard. Pine trees and palm trees in the near distance. The moon and stars in the back.

I’ve got my weekend reading sorted out.

A photo of the front cover of the paperback version of “Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs”.

I spent all last night dreaming about making a web interface for an AI chat API so I could play with it in a browser. Flask vs Node vs Rust vs Elixir. How to authenticate. Let the user select which model to use. Billing concerns. I planned it all and woke up this morning ready to build this thing I’d thought through.

Until I remembered I have zero interest in using, let along making, such a thing.

I’ve gotten 4 plausible recruiter cold emails today. Nature is healing.

Things I like about our relatively new Whirlpool refrigerator: It usually keeps our food cold.

Things I dislike about it: Random things stop working, such as the lights don’t turn on when you open the door, or the ice maker stops making ice, or it stops blowing cold air into the parts that are supposed to be cold. It doesn’t tell you that something’s wrong. You have to notice on your own. Then you have to reboot it by cutting power at the breaker for 10 minutes.

A sleepy Keeva caught a patch of sun.

The world’s sweetest and gentlest Boston terrier is sitting droopily in a sunny bit of carpet.