North Korean trash balloons are dumping ‘filth’ on South Korea | CNN:

North Korea has adopted a new strategy to contend with its southern neighbor: sending floating bags of trash containing “filth” across the border, carried by massive balloons.

Kim Jong-Number-One read “Infinite Jest” and wanted in on that action.

Gigi got a haircut.

A tiny white Maltese is curled up on a fuzzy warm bed. Her hair is very short with pink skin showing through. You can see a glimpse of her tongue hanging out the side of her mouth.

So many memorials today. Dad, Laurie, too many friends. I love you all and miss you dearly.

We’re watching “Blade Runner 2049” and it’s off-puttingly unrealistic. They’d never issue that many building permits in California.

St. Louis ribs, cooked for 20 minutes in an Instant Pot then basted and baked for 10 minutes.

A cookie sheet loaded with enormous racks of ribs, thick with dark red barbecue sauce.

The cats are making an 80s alt rock album cover.

2 cats are sitting on a bedroom floor, facing away from the camera. One is looking back over his shoulder.

Little Snitch 6 came out yesterday with many quality of life improvements.

It’s always the first app I install on a new Mac. New versions are no-brainer upgrades for me. I still wish it had a way to sync rulesets between Macs so that I don’t have to train each one independently.

There’s a certain Apple ecosystem notetaking app I heard of from a paid blog post. I downloaded it; it was fine, but not my thing. Today I saw there’s a new version with a new name, and still very few App Store reviews. I googled for it and saw they issued a press release for the renaming.

I’m kinda curious how their focus on PR will work out. Will it keep it on people’s minds until they buy it? It’s not a small-app strategy I recall seeing before.

Adding AI the right way

Three of my favorite tools, BBEdit, Drafts, and iTerm, have added support for ChatGPT-style AI interactions. They’ve each done it in ways that respect me and my wishes. Their AI add-ons are standalone features off to the side. If I want to use the features, they’re there. If I don’t want to, I don’t launch them. None of my existing workflows have changed one iota: the AI is an addition, not a change.

This is how all tools should add AI features. I enjoy experimenting with AI tools to check out the current state of things. I’m not allergic to them and I don’t try to avoid them. It’s more that I have no interest in building my daily processes to depend on having them.

In which I try frying turnips for the first time.

A cast iron skillet is lined with a layer of 1/2” cubed turnips, glistening in olive oil.

I seriously love Oakland. It’s my kinda grimy.

A bunch of stickers on a service box. One has anime characters: one saying "trans rights!" and another saying "hell yeah!" A second sticker is for a psychedelic mushroom delivery.

I set my pillows on the floor to make the bed. Keeva had burrowed in by the time I got back around to that side. I didn’t have the heart to move her. Within moments she was snoring away.

A Boston terrier is burrowed in between several large, colorful pillows.The same Boston terrier is curled up and sleeping in the same spot.

I am not exaggerating this:

I created a new hostname in DNS, then added it to my existing webserver config.

It was online for 3 seconds – 3! – before getting a 404 request for /.git/config.

If you’re relying on obscurity to protect your services, get that right out your fool head today. You have about 3 seconds to get your act together.

In the time it took me to type this, I got another 62 requests:

     30 "/"
      3 "/.git/config"
      2 "/.vscode/sftp.json"
      2 "/v2/_catalog"
      2 "/telescope/requests"
      2 "/server-status"
      2 "/server"
      2 "/s/431323e2230323e2134323e2239313/_/;/META-INF/maven/com.atlassian.jira/jira-webapp-dist/"
      2 "/?rest_route=/wp/v2/users/"
      2 "/login.action"
      2 "/.env"
      2 "/ecp/Current/exporttool/"
      2 "/.DS_Store"
      2 "/debug/default/view?panel=config"
      2 "/config.json"
      2 "/_all_dbs"
      2 "/about"

Justice Department takes 'major step' toward rescheduling marijuana:

The Justice Department took a significant step toward rescheduling marijuana Thursday, formalizing its process to reclassify the drug as lower-risk and remove it from a category in which it has been treated as more dangerous than fentanyl and meth.


“Look folks, no one should be in jail for merely using or possessing marijuana. Period,” Biden said in Thursday’s video, his third time speaking extensively on the topic since his directive two years ago.

At last. Let’s put an end to this nonsense.

I have an IKEA Dirigera hub connected to my HomeKit setup. I also have a bunch of Nanoleaf Matter A19 bulbs in my house. I bought a new $8 IKEA Vallhorn motion sensor, paired it with the Dirigera, then set up a HomeKit automation to control my living room lights. It worked right on the first try. Yay, compatibility!

Old computer ads are something else.

Source: BYTE, Vol. 6, No. 9, September 1981, page 299

A black and white ad for an Epson printer. A little boy is standing in front of a classroom holding up a printout on fanfold tractor-fed paper. It’s a greyscale-looking picture of a woman who appears to be naked, covering her chest with one hand. The boy’s teacher is leaning over him, hand to mouth, looking astonished and dismayed. 
&10;“…And my dad says GRAFTRAX80 does better graphics than anybody. Epson.”

Python 3.13 is removing more Amiga “dead batteries” modules, like chunk:

The chunk module provides support for reading and writing Electronic Arts’ Interchange File Format. IFF is an old audio file format originally introduced for Commodore and Amiga. The format is no longer relevant.

I’m sure that’s the right thing to do. It still saddens me.

We bought a flower kit from Costco. It had some potting soil, pre-planted seeds, and a pot — just add water. It looked fun and easy.

That thing delivered. Wow, it delivered. It’s thick with new growth and buds.

A faux-wicker flower pot stuffed with growing lily stalks and several bright young pink-orange flowers.

I lost my Diablo 4 level 71 hardcore rogue today. Although I was momentarily bummed, I feel good that I got my first ever hardcore D4 character that high.

And no, it wasn’t to a Butcher. I took 6 of them down before the end.

My buddy picked us all up to go rollin’.

A shabby stretch limo painted with flames. We’re stylin’.