Not Upgrading for Stage Manager

Apple's iPadOS 16 features a new multitasking mechanism called Stage Manager, but only on very new iPad models equipped with Apple's M1 CPU. The ludicrous reason Apple gave for this limitation is that the recent M1 chip is the first iPad CPU capable of using swap space.

If you listen quietly, you can hear millions of computer science graduates rolling their eyes at that ridiculous excuse. Far less capable computers have supported swap space for decades, and I won't bother going into details of how nervy Apple's claim is. Admit it, gang: you want to give people a reason to buy new hardware to use the shiny new feature. I could respect an honest explanation that doesn't insult my intelligence.

But because of this dishonesty, I’m holding onto my still-overpowered 2018 iPad Pro until it dies, or until Apple releases a feature I can’t live without. If there were a legitimate technical reason to hold back new features on older hardware, I might use that as a reason to upgrade. Now, though, I don't trust Apple not to pull the same trick next year. If I bought a 2022 iPad Pro because of this, and next year they released a feature in iPadOS 17 that would only work on 2023 models for another contrived reason, I’d be livid.

Apple's trick isn't going to make me upgrade more often, but less often. I’m not risking my hard-earned money until I have to.

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