Becoming Unrooted

So, I forgot my root password. For non-technical types, that's pretty much the key to the kingdom when you need to get full access to a computer, or install new software, or to make backups, or to fix something in an emergency. I use this little program called "sudo" all the time that lets you do most of the same things except with your own password. I guess it'd been so long since I'd actually needed that root password that it just slipped my mind. Still, I felt pretty dumb and resigned myself to coming up with a new one and resetting it on all the computers I use.

So, this morning something came up where I really needed that password, and without thinking I picked up a keyboard and mashed it out. It worked. "Oh joy," I though. "I'll just do it again and pay attention to what I'm typing." Except that try as I might, I just can't type that password if I'm consciously thinking about it.

This has not improved my outlook on an upcoming birthday in the slightest.

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