Wisdom of the Ages

The iOS App Store recommended that I check out a meditation app named "Calm", featuring "Wisdom from Shawn and Camila". Shawn is 22 years old; Camila is 24.

"Wisdom from Shawn and Camila", 2 people in their very early 20s

With due respect, Apple, I’m not expecting a lot of wisdom from a couple younger than the sweater I’m wearing.

There are many wonderful things youth can bring. Experience of a life long-lived is not one of them. I don't want to sound curmudgeonly, but they're 22 and 24, and I expect they'll have little to offer on mid-career thoughts, or watching one's parents grow older, or coming to grips with mortality. Like, the guy's been quarantined for the majority of the time it's been legal for him to drink.

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