Guest Post By Gabby It Snowed

    It snowed!I went outside today and played! bet I would have stayed out there if it had snowed more and if my feet didn’t freeze, I would have stayed there longer!

    Guest Post By Gabby Crazy Squirrel

    I was at grandma’s house last weekend, and there was a power outage.Turns out, it was a squirrel chewing on the power lines, and got electrocuted.We found out when my Uncle Brian came in saying,“There’s a dead squirrel that was chewing on the power lines.“When I heard that I fell on the floor laughing!That squirrel is nuts!Or at least was nuts…

    Guest Post By Gabby There Here

    Grandma and Grandpa got here yesterday!My camera is working again to!I took a picture of a mirror,and when I saw the picture I saw me and my camera flashing!Anyways,I am very exited!They’re staying 2 weeks!

    Guest Post By Gabby I Went To The Lake

    We took a trip to Grandma’s house on Thursday last week, and on Saturday we went to the lake.A couple hours before we left we went boating.It took a long time for me and my friend to get off the tube. And when I did get off the tube I asked the boat driver if we could stop the boat and swim fora while. When we left the lake it was a long drive back to grandma’s house, and I almost fell asleep!I had half a hamburger and went to bed.

    Guest Post By Gabby The Ancient Shark

    There is a extinct shark called lived 45,000 million years ago! Fact:Its teeth are seven inches long!I don’t no how it died and I bet I will never find out!

    Guest Post By Gabby My Other Cat

    Another blog about a cat!I had a cat named Oat meal.We gave him away 4 years ago.He hated us, he hid behind the dryer, but he loved his toys only!

    Guest Post By Gabby Hatchetfish

    The hatchetfish spends the day in deep water and rises closer to the surface at night to feed.It has light organs on its upper surface to attract small squid and other invertebrates.The hatchetfish also flashes its light organs on and off to communicate with others of its kind.

    Guest Post By Gabby Goalsgoalsand More Goals

    At school we divide the school year into four quarters.In each quarter we have a reading goal.A reading goal is a set of points.This quarter my goal is 12 points.I’m at 11 points 95% of my goal.I can’t wait untill I make my goal!

    Guest Post By Gabby The Fall Festival

    There was a Fall Festival at school today I first went to the sign that said
    sandy candy.We got a tube and filled it with sand-like candy.It was differnt colors.Next, we went to a table with hair spray and tatoos.My hair was:red,
    blue, and green.I had a candy corn tatoo that washed off like the rest did.
    Now, we went to a sign that said bobbing for doughnuts.Gage bit into a plain
    doughnut Ashley bit into a choclate doughnut and Hannah bit into a plain
    doughnut and I bit into a choclate doughnut.We coud’nt use are hand and
    they were hanging from strings.Now we went to a sign that said stuff a
    scarecrow.There was a shirt, pants, and a sack that looked a face.We stuffed them with newspaper.Now, we went a table where we could make a
    halloween sack.I put cat stamps all over mine.

    Guest Post By Gabby My Morning

    When my alarm went off at 7:00 I got out and landed on my sister, Ari.She
    fell out of bed and I fell to.I got into my clothes and went out of my room to
    get breakfest.When I was done I brushed my teeth and hair.Now I could play.But I got on the computer instead.

    Guest Post By Gabby Jake Is Crazy

    My brother Jake, is crazy!In baseball he ran with his jaw open and his arms
    in the air!He whacked my dad with a bat!He even says funny things like
    the"Cheese Cake Factory"He said"Mabye they surve cheese cake!“Jake is

    Guest Post By Gabby Dad Is Funny

    Dad is funny.He played a trick on my sister.He says somthing like “Guess
    what?“Ari would say"what?“Dad would say"Chickenbut!”