There was a Fall Festival at school today I first went to the sign that said
sandy candy.We got a tube and filled it with sand-like candy.It was differnt colors.Next, we went to a table with hair spray and tatoos.My hair was:red,
blue, and green.I had a candy corn tatoo that washed off like the rest did.
Now, we went to a sign that said bobbing for doughnuts.Gage bit into a plain
doughnut Ashley bit into a choclate doughnut and Hannah bit into a plain
doughnut and I bit into a choclate doughnut.We coud’nt use are hand and
they were hanging from strings.Now we went to a sign that said stuff a
scarecrow.There was a shirt, pants, and a sack that looked a face.We stuffed them with newspaper.Now, we went a table where we could make a
halloween sack.I put cat stamps all over mine.