Little League wants all your information

Sun, Feb 28, 2021 2-minute read

To sign kids up for our city’s Little League baseball program, you have to prove that they’re residents, which is reasonable. What’s not reasonable is the amount of information you have to provide on the registration website. You have to upload scans of a document in each of 3 categories:

Proof of Residency 1 Choose one of the following: Driver’s license, School records, Vehicle records, Employment records, Insurance documents

Proof of Residency 2 Choose one of the following: Welfare/child care records, Federal records, State records, Local records, Support payment records, Homeowner or tenant records, Military records

Proof of Residency 3 Choose one of the following: Voter’s registration, Utility bills, Financial records, Medical records, Internet, cable, or satellite bills

That alone is ripe for identity theft, but couple it with their privacy policy which includes this (emphasis mine):

Without limitation, this typically requires the use of certain personal information, including registration data, event data, and other personal information, to provide program information, special offers or services through Little League and/or its trusted sponsors, partners, or licensees, to fulfill your requests for information or products/services, to maintain a list of verified and eligible participants, to maintain a list of volunteers and provide them with the operating tools to manage leagues, or to respond to your inquiries about our programs.

In other words, you have to upload your most private information and agree to allow them to do as they like with it, including sharing it with whomever they like for any reason they choose.

This is unacceptable.