Bing is censoring Tank Man search results

Fri, Jun 4, 2021 One-minute read

Bing is censoring images of the Tiananmen Square "tank man" image. DuckDuckGo, who uses Bing's search backend, is too.

Here's the result of a Bing search for "tank man" with safe search on the default "moderate" setting:


Perhaps the image is too graphic and safe search is hiding the results? No. Turning safe search off gives the same answer:


At first, DuckDuckGo was returning 4 images of men next to tanks:

DDG's first

Shortly afterward, it was updated so that the exact same search settings didn't return anything at all:

DDG's later

DuckDuckGo's "safe search: off" results were empty from the start:


Full credit to Google here who returns a long list of images:

Google's default settings search result for

Shame on you, Microsoft, for censoring this important historical record.