We got a used piano a few months ago. After we cleaned it and put it where we wanted it, I played a few short songs (poorly). Throughout the rest of the day, we'd occasionally hear one of the kids hitting a few keys and laughing. Several hours later, Jake came up to me with some bad news: Jake: Daddy, I think the piano's broken. Me, alarmed: Why? What happened?

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Well, today was the big day — Jake and Ari had their tonsils removed. The doctor said Jake's were nearly as large as golf balls, so the poor little guy had to have been miserable. The operations went off without a hitch, and they're both recovering nicely (if irritably) at home.


If you are responsible for maintaining an internet-connected mail-server, then you have, no doubt, come to hate spam and the waste of resources which comes with it. When I first decided to lock down my own mail-server, I found many resources that helped in dealing with these unwanted messages. Each of them contained a trick or two, however very few of them were presented in the context of running a real server, and none of them demonstrated an entire filtering framework.

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On Tuesday evening, August 24, 2004, I left my wife and three young children (ages four, three, and sixteen months) at home for a couple of hours to go to a Lodge meeting. About an hour after I left, Jen put the kids to bed and sat down at the kitchen table to eat a bowl of ice cream and work a crossword puzzle. After a few minutes, she heard a sound coming from the general direction of the utility room, which is adjacent to our dining room, but she guessed that our Boston Terrier might have been sleeping in there and making dog sounds.

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Note: This is an exact snapshot of the page as it was last modified by CISC back in 2002. I hadn't bothered importing the page into the new site until I saw a gazillion 404 errors in the logs. Y'all really want your Amiga MP3 encoders, don't you? That's OK. I'll keep the lights on for my friends on their wonderful older systems. This is the new combined RealAudio-and-Lame home page.

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