Currently reading: Norse Mythology: The Illustrated Edition by Neil Gaiman 📚

    Picked this up for some spa reading.

    Audrey Auden's "The Voice in All"

    I read Audrey Auden’s new book, “The Voice in All”, the first in her new “The Artifex and the Muse” series. Auden creates a lush, complex world filled with interesting, multifaceted residents. Tantalizing glimpses of science fiction sneak into the fantasy setting, hinting at a rich universe for the rest of the series. “The Voice in All” packs a surprising amount of development and story into a quick, fun book. Auden’s piqued my interest and I’m looking forward to the next installments.

    Guest Post By Gabby Goalsgoalsand More Goals

    At school we divide the school year into four quarters.In each quarter we have a reading goal.A reading goal is a set of points.This quarter my goal is 12 points.I’m at 11 points 95% of my goal.I can’t wait untill I make my goal!