I got an automated response to a job application that said:

Over the next several weeks, one of our recruiters will spend some time reviewing what you’ve shared with us.

There’s almost no situation where that would lead to a desirable outcome for either party. Either it weeds out good candidates you’d want to hire:

  • “I’m unemployed and need work now.” Someone who needs a job now is not going to wait several weeks if something else comes along.
  • “I’m employed but want out of this job.” If the candidate’s that serious about finding another job, they don’t want to wait around for a “maybe”.
  • “I’m on a 6-month sabbatical and have plenty of time.” "…but I work for the kind of place that gives 6-month sabbaticals, and they like me, and I’m not leaving for a disorganized company."

…or it works well for candidates you might not want to hire:

  • “I’m bored at work, and rather than seek out new opportunities, I’ll just quiet quit until you get around to interviewing people.”
  • “I got rich in Bitcoin. Hire me or not! Who cares!”

If you list a job opening, you have an obligation to the candidates and to yourself to review the applications as they come in. Don’t start the hiring process until you can commit to doing it right.