I prompted ChatGPT: “Write a Shakespearean sonnet about a Boston terrier marrying a cat.”

It replied:

“Oh, wondrous sight! A terrier and cat
In love, declaring bonds that none can break
Though some may scoff, and others may bark flat
Their love is true, not just a mere mistake

The terrier, bold and loyal as can be
Protects his feline bride with all his might
And she, with purrs and nuzzles, shows with glee
That this odd couple won’t give up the fight

They nap together, groom each other’s fur
And playfully chase one another around
To some, their pairing might seem quite absurd
But their love for each other knows no bound

So let them wed, and let their love be strong
For true love, no matter who, can’t be wrong”

Our inevitable robot overlords can write delightful poetry. We’re in trouble.