Updated: November 11, 2022

There are several excellent Mastodon apps for iOS and iPadOS. These are the ones I’ve tried.


  • A good app is stable and (at least nearly) crash-free. This rules out a few apps I’ve tried that I’m not including here.
  • Mastodon evolves with new features like polls. The best apps are updated with support for these new features.
  • I use an iPhone and an iPad. Apps that don’t support both platforms are non-starters for me. It’s possible I could find a brilliant, flawless iOS-only app and a different iPadOS-only app and be happy with the combination, but that’s unlikely to happen. Bonus points for apps that have Mac versions.

Here are my recommendations that mostly meet those requirements.


I stumbled across Metatext and I’m glad I did. It feels native in ways that other apps don’t and looks beautiful on my phone and iPad. I’ve used it as my main app since its release and recommend it to all my friends. Development has slowed down recently, but it feels “finished” without any obvious bugs or missing features. If you’re bored with your current app and want to try something new, get Metatext.


Toot! is a favorite. It’s rock solid, updated frequently, and good looking on both iPhone and iPad. I suggest this for anyone getting started with Mastodon. The sole thing I don’t love is that it doesn’t always “feel” like a native iOS app, as opposed to say an alternative web interface. I’m picking nits, though: if you stop reading and install Toot!, you’ll be fine. It’s great.

Mast: for Mastodon

Mast looks and feels different from the other popular apps with its multi-column layout, and I appreciate its fresh take on how a Mastodon client can work. It’s a beautiful experiment. I can’t recommend it right now because it has significant bugs, like crashes and timelines which don’t refresh even when you try to manually refresh them. Its author released a popular Twitter app, Aviary, which I suspect has been taking their attention. This means it hasn’t been updated recently and I worry that it might be abandoned. Still, Mast supports iPhone and iPad and Mac and Apple Watch, which is amazing, and I’m watching it to see if the author resumes regular development. I hope they do.

Mercury for Mastodon

Mercury is a gorgeous, new, native-feeling app. I think it’s going to be a good option. It’s iPhone-only today with iPad support on their published roadmap, and I’d like to see that happen because it’s already a solid alternative for people who just use an iPhone. I’m monitoring Mercury’s development, too.

Honorable mention: Linky for Twitter and Mastodon

Linky is for posting to Mastodon, not reading it. I use this brilliant little app for sharing links to interesting websites, photos, or songs I’m listening to. It’s scriptable with x-shortcut-url, so if you’re technically savvy you can use Shortcuts, Drafts, or other apps to post things you’ve written. If you share a lot of content to Mastodon from other apps, Linky is your friend.

See also

Mastodon for iPhone and iPad is the official app brought to you by the people who made Mastodon. In spite of that, it lacks (or at least hides) vital Mastodon features, such as the local timeline. It’s ok if you’re joining one of the large, generic instances like mastodon.social that don’t have meaningful local communities, but offers a substandard experience on cozier instances.