Omaha World Herald Makes School Remove Christmas Message

The Omaha World-Herald published a story about a Lincoln public high school who wrote "Remember the Reason for the Season" on their electronic bulletin board in front of the building. The ACLU contacted the school's principal to request that the message be removed, and the school complied.

I can understand why some parents might not want that sign above the school. While I don't personally have a problem with it, I'd feel uncomfortable if my kids' school ran a similar sign that appeared to endorse Islam, Hinduism, or other religions. And as it turns out, the high school in question does have Jewish and Muslim students whose parents probably weren't thrilled with the message.

Buried in the article, though, was an interesting nugget:

The ACLU was alerted to the sign by a World-Herald reporter who called to ask if anybody had complained about it. The marquee is along a well-traveled city street near the school.

Although many travelers had seen the sign in their daily commute, there were no complaints or any other evidence of offense until OWH's own reporter triggered the investigation and created the story. I think the school did the right thing in not choosing one religion over another, but I think the newspaper was completely wrong to spark a controversy where none apparently existed.

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