Fixing the Casper Glow Light Charger

Our Casper Glow Lights are nice. However, their charging bases are poorly made, and as seen in user reviews, they often break in a specific way. Inevitably, one or both of the little spring-loaded charging pins will permanently stick in the lowered position so that they don't contact the charging elements on the light.

The pin on the right is permanently recessed

In this photo, the outer pin on the left sticks up a little above the charger's base. When the light sits on this charger, that pin touches one of the light's charging rings. The inner pin on the right is flush with the surface and doesn't touch its corresponding charging ring.

That's easy to fix. Rather than disassemble the base and try to mechanically repair the pin, I added a tiny glob of solder to the top of the pin. Then I used an emery board and trial and error to smooth it to a good height.

The pin on the right is a little taller now

Ta-da! Now the Glow Light is charging away on the resuscitated charger.

The Glow Light is happily charging again

After cleaning, the charger looks and acts like new, and I bet that cheap little solder glob will outlast the original spring mechanism.

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