Tilden Days

    Last weekend, we took the kids to Tilden’s “Prairie Days” festival, a celebration that raises money for various local organizations.

    Events included:

    • Whiplash, the dog-riding monkey. We arrived about ten minutes too late to see him, which was unfortunate because he was the main thing the kids were looking forward to.

    • An officially-sanctioned cow chip throwing contest. I didn’t know there was an official governing body for such things, but there is. Winners were eligible to compete in the World Championship Cow Chip Throw.

    • The First Annual Drag Your Nag Contest. Men carried their wives or girlfriends through an obstacle course, and the winning team earned the woman’s weight (in pounds) in dollars. Jen and I had registered, but when we discovered that:

      1. All the other men looked like firefighters or bullriders and were in much better shape than me,
      2. Almost everyone else was in their early 20s, and
      3. The obstacle course included a mud pit and we weren’t wearing old clothes,

      we (I) chickened out and watched from the sidelines.

    We had a great time, though, and gorged ourselves on watermelon. Congratulations on another great year, Tilden!