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America's military versus the world

I am pro-military. I think having a strong military means we're unlikely to have to use it to protect ourselves. But how strong does it actually need to be? For the sake of argument, I'll assume that spending corresponds to strength. That is, America spending $1 million gives us roughly…

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Technology IS Politics

It's not possible for technologists to avoid politics because technology is politics: You're writing an instant messaging app that can more easily share information with law enforcement agencies, or one designed to make that impossible. Either of those alter how governments interacts with their citizens. You made a ride-sharing app.…

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Stop The E Parasite Act

This is the letter I just sent to my representative, urging him to vote against Hollywood's E-PARASITE Act: Congressman Fortenberry, please vote against the appropriately-named "E-PARASITE Act" being proposed by Rep. Smith, TX. It's the counterpart of Senate Bill S.968, the "PROTECT IP Act". This flawed legislation seeks to…

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Shades Of Green

In Nebraska's May 13 election, two Green Party candidates ran for Douglas County Commissioner, District 3. Between them, they received one vote. How stoned do you have to be before you forget to vote for yourself? At least neither can accuse the other of splitting the election.…

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Sue For Mayor

I'm voting for Sue Fuchtman for mayor of Norfolk. I know her personally, and she's the sort of intelligent, decent, detail-oriented person we should have making city decisions. The other candidates might be alright, but I'd rather see someone elected that I'm genuinely excited to have in office. Vote for…

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