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I started this blog twelve years ago. I always meant to update it regularly, but... life intervenes. After recently coming back to it, I decided it was due for a good cleaning. There were lots of old articles about things I no longer care about but that people on the…

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To Sell A Car

In the process of moving to another state, we decided to sell my car to some friends. This turned out to be much harder than anticipated. I admit that this is entirely my fault and I deserve to be made fun of for it, but we couldn't find the title.…

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Guest Post By Gabby My Morning

When my alarm went off at 7:00 I got out and landed on my sister, Ari.She fell out of bed and I fell to.I got into my clothes and went out of my room to get breakfest.When I was done I brushed my teeth and hair.…

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Becoming Unrooted

So, I forgot my root password. For non-technical types, that's pretty much the key to the kingdom when you need to get full access to a computer, or install new software, or to make backups, or to fix something in an emergency. I use this little program called "sudo" all…

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Vapor Rises

Dan Feather, aka "Vapor", died today after he lost control of his motorcycle. Dan was remarkable for his quiet decency. There were many reasons to like him, but above all else, he was a good man. Goodbye, friend. You leave behind many people who held you in high regard. Rest…