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Electronics Kit for my Kids

Cory Doctorow mentioned that Elenco makes a perfect copy of the Radio Shack 200-in-One electronics kit. I hadn't read to the end of his article before I'd placed an order. It's not an exaggeration to say this kit pushed me into my career. I got the original Radio Shack version…

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Nebraska Wants To Adopt Your Kids

Senator Brad Ashford of Omaha has proposed criminalizing the act of keeping your kids home from school. This is abhorrent for many reasons, and should be withdrawn from consideration immediately. Deputy Douglas County Attorney Kim Hawekotte and Ralston Public Schools social worker Steve Snodgrass, both active in truancy prevention in…

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Long Weekends

Summer's upon us again. The kids just got out of school on Wednesday, which reminded me that my last post was to say that the kids were just starting back and I haven't said a word since then. Anyway, we have them signed up for pretty much every summer sport…

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Up In The Morning And Out To School

Well, it's officially school time again. Gabby and Ari started back yesterday, and Jake went this morning for the first time. Gabby seemed really happy. She got in line with her friends and immediately jumped back into the swing of things. When we took Ari into the Montessori preschool, she…


Running Before Walking

The kids started swimming lessons yesterday. They all had a great time and left smiling. As I was putting Jake to bed, I asked him about his day: Me: What was your favorite part of swimming lessons? Jake: Jumping off the diving board. Me: Really? Jake: Yeah. It was a…