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Guest Post By Gabby Crazy Squirrel

I was at grandma's house last weekend, and there was a power outage.Turns out, it was a squirrel chewing on the power lines, and got electrocuted.We found out when my Uncle Brian came in saying,"There's a dead squirrel that was chewing on the power lines."When I…

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You Want How Many?

I used to work near a little restaurant called "Rasta Grill". It was this weird fusion of Italian and Jamaican food, and everything was absolutely delicious. We'd walk down to Rasta at least once a week or so and have giant plates of spaghetti with jerk chicken in the wonderfully…

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Don't Bump That Flash Drive

From the manual of an Asus Eee PC: The solid-state disk drive's head retracts when the power is turned OFF to prevent scratching of the solid-state disk drive surface during transport. I think someone got a little zealous with the find-and-replace.…

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Winning By Any Means

I was walking through our house when I saw Jake. He was watching me stone-faced with eyes open wide and bugged out. In our house, that means one thing - staring contest. I returned the stare as I walked nearer and bent closer to his level. Closer. Closer. Until he…

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