Guest Post By Gabby Crazy Squirrel

I was at grandma’s house last weekend, and there was a power outage.Turns out, it was a squirrel chewing on the power lines, and got electrocuted.We found out when my Uncle Brian came in saying,”There’s a dead squirrel that was chewing on the power lines.”When I heard that I fell on the floor laughing!That squirrel is nuts!Or at least was nuts…

Guest Post By Gabby I Went To The Lake

We took a trip to Grandma’s house on Thursday last week, and on Saturday we went to the lake.A couple hours before we left we went boating.It took a long time for me and my friend to get off the tube. And when I did get off the tube I asked the boat driver if we could stop the boat and swim fora while. When we left the lake it was a long drive back to grandma’s house, and I almost fell asleep!I had half a hamburger and went to bed.