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You Want How Many?

I used to work near a little restaurant called "Rasta Grill". It was this weird fusion of Italian and Jamaican food, and everything was absolutely delicious. We'd walk down to Rasta at least once a week or so and have giant plates of spaghetti with jerk chicken in the wonderfully…

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Down To The Uptown

As our anniversary dinner tradition, Jen and I drive to Stanton to eat at the Uptown Brewery. Each year, we ask each ourselves if we really want to go all the way down there. Each year, we decide that we'll have a nice meal and that it's not that far…


Fresh Sushi Better

Jen and I took Jake and Ari to Omaha. I had joked with Jake that I was going to make him eat sushi, and to my surprise he loved the idea. There was a restaurant downtown within walking distance of our day's destination and I thought we'd leave Norfolk early…


Pre Packaged Sushi Not Bad

I was buying groceries and saw a new display of pre-packaged plastic boxes of sushi. In the middle of Nebraska. Supermarket sushi. The idea kind of horrified me, but eventually my curiosity got the best of me and I had to try some. I settled on the spicy surimi roll…