Scam Calls From Card Services

October 24, 2007

Reading time ~1 minute

I just got a phone call from a “private caller” (that is, with no caller ID information) and heard a recording from “Card Services”, who claimed that my credit card’s interest rate was about to go up and to press 9 if i wanted to lower it to 6.9%. Being bored, I pressed it.

Caller: Hi, would you like us to lower your interest rates?
Me: Who are you with?
Caller: Well, would you be interested?
Me: Who are you with?
Caller: We are Card Services.
Me: So, you’re not affiliated with my bank?
Caller: slams the phone down in my ear

I guess they weren’t.

So, if you also get a call from Card Services, remember that it’s 99.9% likely that they’re scammers and that it’s morally OK to mess with them. If you want to have fun and waste their time and otherwise abuse them, reply here to tell us what happened so we can all enjoy it.

Update on July 30, 2009:

By request of a letter from the Rubinis’ attorney, I have removed their home addresses from comments. Please do not re-post such information. Thanks.

Update on August 11, 2009:

The Rubinis issued this statement via their lawyer:

Clear Financial Solutions does not engage in or perform any telemarketing activities. Any complaints or allegations to the contrary are false and without merit.

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