You Want How Many?

I used to work near a little restaurant called "Rasta Grill". It was this weird fusion of Italian and Jamaican food, and everything was absolutely delicious. We'd walk down to Rasta at least once a week or so and have giant plates of spaghetti with jerk chicken in the wonderfully bizarre atmosphere.

Well, we always suspected that some of the employees perhaps took the Rasta theme a little far, and occasionally partook of Jamaica's other famous export. Our suspicions grew one day:

Us, ordering: …and an order of garlic bread.

Cashier: [writes "GBR" on the ticket, but draws the "G" almost like a "6"]

Cook, taking ticket: OK…. hey, what's "6 B R"?

Cashier: That's a "G". It's garlic bread.

Cook: [long, confused pause] And they want 6 of 'em?

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