Up in the Morning and Out to School

Well, it's officially school time again. Gabby and Ari started back yesterday, and Jake went this morning for the first time.

Gabby seemed really happy. She got in line with her friends and immediately jumped back into the swing of things.

When we took Ari into the Montessori preschool, she ran off to play with the other kids as if she'd been there all along. When I picked her up in the afternoon, she told me that she'd learned how to read (so I suppose that they'll cover math today, and maybe start on biology next Monday).

Jake looked a little unsure this morning, but he was mostly smiling as he lined up and walked to class. I just wish I'd remembered to bring his bookbag and a camera. These are the things that happen when I'm the one who gets the kids ready for school. At least they were fed, dressed and clean.

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