Surprise Eero Hardware End-of-Life

Amazon is ending software support for 1st generation eero devices at the end of September 2022. That's fine. You can't support old hardware forever, and five years is a decent run.

But it's not OK that I got less than a month's notice that it was happening, and no email or app notifications. I happened to open the eero app for unrelated reasons and saw a banner telling me my hardware will be obsolete later this month. That's unacceptably short notice that the hardware is all but dead. Sure, it may keep working for a while, but without security updates or routine bug fixes, it's not anything I'd want to depend on. If I'd received any other notice whatsoever, I would have been investigating hardware upgrades, reading the various sale emails they'd sent me, and otherwise preparing for the day. Now I have to scramble to fix something that I didn't know needed fixed, and I don't appreciate it.

To the folks at eero: this is a managed system. You have my contact information and know what hardware I'm using. This would have been an excellent opportunity for you to let me know about this a few months ago. You could have suggested appropriate hardware upgrades and turned it into a sales opportunity. As your customer, I would have liked that.

eero death notice

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