Komando Gorilla

Sun, May 25, 2008 2-minute read

A man calls into a radio show because his son received an obviously-spam email telling him that he’s been kicked off of Facebook. The host gets worked up and sympathetic and wants to handle it like a legitimate eviction notice, even though no one’s verified whether the kid can still log into his account.

Another man calls a radio show because his business stores a lot of personal information about its customers, and he wants to know what he should do to keep that data safe. The host tells him to install Norton Internet Security.

What do they have in common? They made the mistake of asking Kim Komando for help.

Honestly, for being the self-proclaimed “America’s Digital Goddess”, she gives the worst advice I’ve ever heard. Every time I accidentally hear her show, I end up screaming invectives at my car radio.

Seriously, do not take her advice. Ever. It is awful, varying only in the degree of its incompetence, and is likely to do more harm than good in every case I’ve ever heard her discuss. As much as I don’t like doing a lot of tech support on my off time, I’d much rather help my family and friends from the start than spent twice the time trying to undo her suggestions.