California 2022 Midterms Voting Guide

These are my recommendations for the November 8, 2022 midterm election in California.


Direct democracy looks like a great idea on paper. In practice, we end up with awful laws like Prop 8. Because it's so hard to remove bad propositions once they're approved, it's better to vote "no" on ballot propositions you're unsure about. If it's a great idea — or even a bad one, in the case of Prop 29's predecessors — the proposers can try again in a later election. You can always choose to approve it next time.

Proposition 1 — Reproductive Freedom

Yes. Explicitly protect abortion rights at the state constitution level.

Proposition 26 — Casino Sports Betting

No. This isn't so important that we need to write it into law.

Proposition 27 — Online Sports Betting

No. This isn't so important that we need to write it into law. Note that some advertising makes it sound like you have to pick one of Prop 26 or Prop 27. That's untrue, and you can vote "no" or "yes" to either, both, or neither, as you wish.

Proposition 28 — School Arts

Yes. California has decent support for STEM education. We should also support creative arts. We have a record budget surplus and should invest in all our students.

Proposition 29 — Dialysis Clinics

No, and stop asking. This terrible idea keeps arising every couple of years. We've said repeatedly that we don't want to enshrine this mistake into the California constitution, and we still don't.

Proposition 30 — Electric Vehicle Subsidies

No. I'm ambivalent. When in doubt, say "no".

Proposition 31 — Enforce the Flavored Tobacco Bans

Yes. The tobacco industry worked to block enacting a widely supported law that would make it harder for them to market "fun" vape flavors to kids. California has already chosen this legislation. Now let's defeat Tobacco's efforts to stop it.

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