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Mon, May 1, 2017 2-minute read

I’ve been blogging for years using one system or another:

At first, there was writing HTML in vim and using FTP to upload it.

Then there was a self-written system that pulled content out of MySQL and stuffed it into a template.

Next came WordPress, the first time. It was great in a lot of ways, but it was frankly kind of a security nightmare and not a lot better than the system I made.

But dynamic content for blogs had become passé, so I migrated all the content to Markdown fed into a static site generator.

That was great for a while, but the world moved on so I switched to a different, more popular static generator.

Ghost came along soon after. It was exactly what I was looking for in a blog: fast, pretty, and just enough out of the mainstream that I could feel sufficiently geeky while using it. It was wonderful. I loved it. But then something happened: nothing. The beautiful admin dashboard never materialized (but Google Analytics stepped up to fill in the gap). Some themes came along, but plugins really didn’t. It never evolved beyond just a blog.

In the meantime, WordPress got a whole lot better. It always had scads of plugins, but sometime since I last used it, they became manageable. Security got vastly better. People wrote editors that used its API to write and edit posts (I’m writing this in MarsEdit). Basically, WordPress grew up into something quite nice.

And that’s how I found myself migrating off Ghost back to one of my earliest blog homes. So far, so good!

(I used my version of tzangms’s, hacked to copy each post’s tags in addition to its title and content. I had to touch up a few image links but everything else came through perfectly.)