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These are some galleries of pictures of Ecco shoes with rotten soles. When I wrote a blog post to vent about poorly made Ecco shoes, I found out that a lot of other people had the same problem. They would look perfect and feel great until one unlucky day when the soles would literally disintegrate without warning into mushy chunks.

Here are pictures that readers have sent in of their own rotten Ecco shoes. These shoes suck and should never be counted on for important occasions. Mowing the lawn? Sure. Job interview? Only if you're comfortable showing up barefoot.

If you want me to publish your own pictures, send them to me with a note stating that I have your permission to display them here, and whether or not I should put your name on the pictures.

Update: In November, 2010, I received some pictures of Florsheim shoes that had fallen apart in the same way as our Eccos. A few days later, the same visitor wrote back to say that Florsheim had inspected their shoes and replaced them. Every manufacturer ships defective products sometimes. It happens. The real test of their customer service is their response to the situation: Ecco abandons their customers with thin excuses or silence, while Florsheim stands behind their products and owns up to the problem. I think that speaks volumes about the quality and class of each company.