My Ecco Shoes Are Junk

I bought a nice looking pair of Ecco shoes a couple years ago. Actually, they were probably the nicest shoes I’ve bought before or since. I don’t have a reason to wear dress shoes often, but when I did, they looked nice and I was proud to have them.

About a year ago I noticed that the soles were starting to come apart. I wrote to Ecco to ask for advice, got a short reply along the lines of “we received your message and will get back to you soon”, then nothing. As of about a month ago, they finished literally rotting off – the soles were disintegrating in big, soft rubbery chunks – and my mother-in-law did me a favor by having them re-soled. I wrote again to Ecco to tell them what happened but this time I haven’t gotten a reply of any kind.

I will never buy their shoes again. They look great but were completely destroyed and unusable after wearing them perhaps 10 times to church, job interviews, and other extremely low-abuse situations. What’s worse is that they couldn’t be bothered to respond to customer concerns (although I admit that my second message to them wasn’t quite as polite and deferential as the first). I guess they just don’t really care about quality or customer satisfaction.

There is now a gallery of pictures of rotten Ecco shoes that have been sent in by readers.

  • Judy Jones

    You’re so right about the lack of consistency in anything Ecco, whether it’s fit or quality. I bought one pair of Ecco, my first, and liked them a lot since I have a narrow foot and high arch and have trouble finding properly fitting shoes. I walked around in them for a while, liked them and went back to the same store, got another pair of the same style in another colour. Unfortunately, I didn’t try them on. These shoes, same style, same size turned out to be fat shoes that I can’t keep on without wearing thick hiking socks. This really aggravated me. Then the colour on this second pair started to rub off (on what, I don’t know) and they look old and beat up now, besides not fitting properly. I’ll stick to my Loints and Seibels, thank you.

    Ecco’s logo should read “Every pair a surprise.”