My Ecco Shoes Are Junk

I bought a nice looking pair of Ecco shoes a couple years ago. Actually, they were probably the nicest shoes I’ve bought before or since. I don’t have a reason to wear dress shoes often, but when I did, they looked nice and I was proud to have them.

About a year ago I noticed that the soles were starting to come apart. I wrote to Ecco to ask for advice, got a short reply along the lines of “we received your message and will get back to you soon”, then nothing. As of about a month ago, they finished literally rotting off – the soles were disintegrating in big, soft rubbery chunks – and my mother-in-law did me a favor by having them re-soled. I wrote again to Ecco to tell them what happened but this time I haven’t gotten a reply of any kind.

I will never buy their shoes again. They look great but were completely destroyed and unusable after wearing them perhaps 10 times to church, job interviews, and other extremely low-abuse situations. What’s worse is that they couldn’t be bothered to respond to customer concerns (although I admit that my second message to them wasn’t quite as polite and deferential as the first). I guess they just don’t really care about quality or customer satisfaction.

There is now a gallery of pictures of rotten Ecco shoes that have been sent in by readers.

  • Judy Jones

    You’re so right about the lack of consistency in anything Ecco, whether it’s fit or quality. I bought one pair of Ecco, my first, and liked them a lot since I have a narrow foot and high arch and have trouble finding properly fitting shoes. I walked around in them for a while, liked them and went back to the same store, got another pair of the same style in another colour. Unfortunately, I didn’t try them on. These shoes, same style, same size turned out to be fat shoes that I can’t keep on without wearing thick hiking socks. This really aggravated me. Then the colour on this second pair started to rub off (on what, I don’t know) and they look old and beat up now, besides not fitting properly. I’ll stick to my Loints and Seibels, thank you.

    Ecco’s logo should read “Every pair a surprise.”

  • Guest Feels Cheated

    The Ecco Bella Zip Boot did this to me. The caused my feet so much agony I couldn’t walk outside for about 4 days. They seemed fine when I put them on and tested them in the store. They were a bit loose, so I could wear them with thick socks when it got cold. When I went up a size, they were too big. So I believed I had the right size. The fit was fine in the store, walking around and jumping around.

    When I went outside, I discovered the boot bottoms were too thin, without proper cushioning and support. I could feel rough surfaces through the shoes, almost as if I was barefoot. You can feel your hands poking through the shoe bottoms. They are that thin. The removable insoles are too flat, so you have to buy their orthopedic insoles that cost $36 plus tax. The Ecco orthopedic insoles feel strange, as you can feel two bumpy surfaces when you walk on them. They made the shoes more comfortable. But after about an hour my feet still hurt.

    The boot heel height is about 1″, with a textured surface on the bottom. That made me see them as sports shoes. They certainly did not seem so flat they would hurt my feet. What a surprise I got. If you look where the shoe fabric ends and the rubber sole begins, there is not much arch to follow the arch of your foot. It is nearly flat. At the expensive price, I expected Ecco to have designed the shoes to be comfortable. You know, they are advertised as being the comfort shoe. I thought these were boots, not slippers.

    Probably the biggest problem is the pointy design at the front of the boots. It’s not overtly pointy, so I never recognized them as pointy boots. The problem is that these boots sharply narrow where my feet end. No feet are narrow enough to fit that space. The store manager said there needed to be an inch of empty space between your foot and the front of the boot. The boots fit fine at first, but when I walk, my feet roll forward into the pointy front. After a while, my feet probably swell from hitting that place constantly. There is something wrong with the design there. That’s where my feet hurt the most after I wear the boots.

    The manager showed me that a lot of their shoes have thin soles without much cushion and support, like the ballerina flats and sandals. It was an astounding revelation to me, as I had always read Ecco made comfort shoes. The manager said they made fashion shoes, not orthopedic shoes, but certain styles had removable insoles. That’s it.

    Removing the insoles and replacing them with the Ecco orthopedic insoles with the plastic bottoms does give cushion and support. For the expensive price, you would think the boots would come with those insoles in the first place. They don’t fix the biggest problem which is the pointy front design. Reviews say people have to go up 1/2 a size in the boots because they run small. But I didn’t find them small at all in the store. I would never buy too small shoes. My feet are narrow, so it’s not the width.

    The manager said they are fashion boots not meant to be worn more than a short time. So I guess they didn’t design them with walking in mind. They should have told me that before I plunked down that money. I am poor but I believed I was investing in the health of my feet so I used my credit card. I went to Ecco specifically to get comfort shoes. I expected to be able to wear them all day without foot pain. Never did I dream of buying expensive boots just to stand around for a short time.

    • Guest Feels Cheated

      Foot Slides Forward
      Verified Buyer Reviewed by Dot the World Traveler from North Carolina on Thursday, May 11, 2017

      Cute booties but lacking ECCO’s usual narrow heel or method to keep the foot from sliding forward with every step. I love ECCOs because they are so well made and comfortable right out of the box, plus have a wider toe box so that it is still comfortable after a day of walking. I just wish the ankle was narrow enough (with 2 zippers it could be) to hold the foot in place.