Sue For Mayor

I’m voting for Sue Fuchtman for mayor of Norfolk. I know her personally, and she’s the sort of intelligent, decent, detail-oriented person we should have making city decisions. The other candidates might be alright, but I’d rather see someone elected that I’m genuinely excited to have in office.

Vote for Sue. I will.

Yet Another Python Map

In another article, I described a replacement for Python’s built-in map() function that could take advantage of multi-processing systems. That one was based on the standard Unix fork(). Since then, I’ve written another based on Parallel Python that is much simpler and lets other, better-tested code do all the hard work. It could also be easily extended to run on a cluster instead of just the local system, but I haven’t been inclined to tinker with that too much yet.

Note one possibly important difference from the builtin map() function: this version returns a generator that yields values as they are calculated. That way, you can launch the parallel processes then go on with other work while you give the workers a chance to finish their jobs.

Kudos to Connelly for nudging me to finally publish this.